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Senior School

Senior School

Woodlands School is an officially recognized (habilitado) high school which offers senior years 1, 2 and 3 and 1st. Year of Baccalaureate (Senior 4). During these four years, students are taught a double curriculum: the current mandatory national curriculum, implemented by ANEP (Public Education National Administration), and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Middle Years Programme

Woodlands Senior School is an IB World School. This means it is authorized to offer the IBO programme.

Special Needs Department

Our policy is to give students with learning disabilities differentiated support and attention and to take into consideration their difficulties during assessment.

The School has a Special Needs Department which follows an interdisciplinary and preventive approach to meet the challenges that arise from differing learning abilities. During support classes, each student's needs are individually catered to. The aim of this programme and of the cognitive strategies it provides is to develop and boost these students' strengths and capacities so that they may seek, learn, and use these strategies to overcome their difficulties and work with the curriculum, both in Spanish and in English.

Vocational Guidance Workshop

The aim of these workshops is to guide students on how to make the right career choice through a reflective approach. The programme includes updated information on the choices available in each University, entry requirements and duration of courses. Professionals from different areas are invited to speak and personal interviews with students and parents may be held if requested.

Workshops on Addiction Prevention

The School constantly works with parents, teachers and/or students on raising awareness among students about health issues, so that they may make responsible decisions and avoid harmful behaviour.

Complementary Activities

Center Project

An exhibition for families is carried out once a year, showing different activities from various subjects. This is an opportunity for the children to share with their parents the scientific experiments, arts and crafts, oral presentations, scale models and informative brochures, among others, which they have prepared enthusiastically and with great care.

School Trips

Throughout the year, the School organizes trips to exhibitions, industrial establishments or historical or geographic sites of interest for the students.

Camp Instructors Course

This is an extra-curricular activity in which students from Senior 3 and 4 can take part. Students are trained to supervise and entertain Junior School students when they go camping, at sleepovers, school trips and recreation activities.

Talent Show

As part of the School's anniversary celebration, Students who wish to participate must show a talent, e.g. performing, dancing, singing, imitating, etc. A jury of teachers will determine who the winner is. In addition, each classroom must be decorated with a theme picked by the students. The group with the most original idea, best organization and teamwork receives the first prize.

International Examinations

Third-year students sit for Cambridge University First Certificate Examination. This exam is widely acknowledged in the Uruguayan job market.

The following year, students sit for Cambridge University IGCSEs. This is one of the most prestigious secondary education programmes worldwide for 14 to 16 year-old students

Cambridge IGCSE is an international programme which develops students' capacities for creative thinking, research and problem solving, and it is an excellent preparation for the next step in their education.

Community and Service

Following the IBO Middle Years Program regulations, students are faced with the question: "What can I do for my community?" Students are encouraged to act and reflect within and beyond the classroom. They discover their own reality, other people's reality and the reality of the community. This motivates our students' affective, creative, ethical and cognitive development.

This is an ongoing learning process; therefore, we work on different levels and projects.

Physical Education and Sports

The most practiced sports are Rugby and Soccer for boys, Hockey and Handball for girls and Athletics for both.

ed. fisica

The School participates in the Interschool Sports League, in A.D.I.C. (Sports Association for Schools Integration), in the Uruguayan Rugby Union and in the Uruguayan Hockey Federation.

Activities are mostly carried out in the School, since it has a gym, two artificial lawn pitches and a natural lawn field.

When students finish School they can become part of OLD WOODLANDS, an alumni club started in 2009.

Sports Tours are essential for our student's development as athletes. Not only are they motivated to improve their performance, but they are culturally enriched by new experiences.

School camps are also part of our curriculum. In Senior I, integration and sense of belonging to Senior School start with the Camp, which takes place at the beginning of the school year.


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